Wedding Photography


By July 29, 2016 No Comments

The night before their wedding day, Geraldine and I were talking on the phone.  Mainly due to the raging storm that was running wild that night throughout Melbourne.  For the record, I was more concerned than she was – by my recollection I may have been the one who called her for reassurance.

Geraldine and Jerome are generally quite a laid back couple to say the least. There were parts of their wedding day that had been planned, some left to chance.  One thing that was definite was that they were going to have their wedding outside.  No mean feat, considering how temperamental Melbourne weather can be.

The friends and family who surround these two are a reflection of a relationship spent traveling, working and living together throughout the world.  Currently residing in Kuala Lumpur, Geraldine and Jerome met in Qatar and have been inseparable ever since.  They just love to have fun.

Relationships in general are tough work, they have to be, it’s what makes them rewarding.  But when you throw distance and different countries into the mix, it’s a whole other game.  It’s something that I have experienced and have the utmost respect for others who do – and make it work.

So get comfy, there is a lot to take in here.  There is a tea ceremony, a wedding ceremony, rose gardens, enough costume changes to rival the Oscars, an incredible wedding location and a whole lot of singing and dancing.

I hope you enjoy these moments as much as I enjoyed capturing them.