Just like Star Wars movies or ice cream flavours, there never is a sole favourite (although salted caramel is definitely up there). Below is a small selection of weddings that are a representation of who I am, the way I see the world and the couples I am fortunate enough to work with.

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Distance, both physically and emotionally plays a large role in any relationship. It can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience but it can test the individual's strength. Will & Patrina's…

Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto Vallarta - located on the west coast of Mexico, is exactly what you would imagine a place with that name to be. Quiet, tranquil and brimming with a colourful…


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The is something unique about relationships that span continents. Not only do individuals contribute with their own personality, but it also comes with a generous serving of a different culture.…

Hood River

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Matt & Rebecca have known for quite some time now that they were the other half of each others lives. I'm sure it has been obvious to everyone that knows…


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Bend is one of those incredible places that once visited, you wonder how you never had heard of until now, let alone how you are going to force yourself to…


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The night before their wedding day, Geraldine and I were talking on the phone.  Mainly due to the raging storm that was running wild that night throughout Melbourne.  For the…