portland wedding

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Lawyers by day, adventurers by night and any day that isn’t a lawyer day. These two make it seem too easy.

She drinks whisky, he loves Sci-Fi, they have traveled the world and call Australia home. On a sunny, cloudless Portland summer day, families and friends from all corners of our world joined to celebrate two very fun individuals.

Every now and then there are weddings where I feel like I am not even working. When a group of family and friends welcome you in and make sure you have just as much fun as they do. It is not only a great sign of character but most importantly an example of just how fantastic Vivi & Isauro are, as individuals and as a couple.

All the best for the future and see you soon for our next bowl of Pho.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

 gobbledegook / Sigur Rós