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I am getting to the age now where a considerable number of my friends and their partners have at least one small miniature version of themselves running around the house and depriving them of sleep. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with them, help babysit and assist in anyway I can. However it’s also a guilty pleasure to be able to hand back their child at the end of the day and scurry back to my single, child free life of hanging out at weddings most weekends.

Now planning a wedding ain’t easy and no wedding is without its share of challenges and frustrations. It’s expected. However, planning a wedding whilst raising a child is a whole other ball game altogether. Dane, Charlotte and their one year old assistant wedding planner Mia know this all too well.

Ironically you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. Maybe it had something to do with the location, maybe it was the tranquil costal weather or maybe (and most likely) it was because these two have such strong group of friends and family supporting them. Parents, siblings, friends both local and far away celebrated the joining of two individuals who know what they want and know where they’re going.

Congratulations guys and all the best.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

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