Obi Obi

By August 29, 2016 No Comments


Josh & Shannon basically are living my dream life.

Photographer falls for the woman who cuts his hair, she falls for him and now they work together running their incredibly creative photography business Jack Harlem Photography. Oh and wait for it…. they happen to be two of the funnest and selfless people ever, she is also a fantastic photographer, are madly in love with each other and know how to throw a party. I know right? Jerks… 🙂

They are that couple, everyone knows a couple like this, the ones that make it look so easy. But the reality is that behind their shiny fun exterior are two individuals who work tirelessly at keeping their relationship strong and healthy – even more so because they work together. They are inseparable, they are each other’s best friend and they are the source behind their own creativity. Being inspired is one thing, but when it is fuelled by the love of someone else, then that is something incredible, and something everyone deserves to have.

And so, in the pastel landscapes of North Queensland a bunch of us hung out in a big red barn and celebrated the lives of two fun people.

Thank you Josh & Shannon for being so amazing and for allowing me to be a part of such a remarkable day.