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Two weeks away hiking in these mountain ranges changes you.

You talk among your traveling friends of thoughts, ideas and dreams but after a while the conversation ebbs and you realise that you are on your own personal journey.  Everyone has their own mountains to climb, whether they are aware of it or not.  Sometimes it just takes an actual hike up one to show you that you are traversing one on the inside as well.

My courageous mother who has just recovered from injury climbed this 4500 meter trek with my brother and some close family friends.  She is an incredible source of inspiration and proved that keeping up a healthy intake of beer is the best preventative for altitude sickness.

It would have been easy to take photos of a country entrenched in poverty, gutted by a corrupted government, streets littered with beggars, a country selling its faith for a dollar.  Instead I wanted to show that behind this was a culture that however dire the future may be for them, still has such an incredible outlook on life that it makes you sit back and really think about what you take for granted and what you really need to be content.

Shot on film and a camera that’s older than me (that’s rather old), below is my attempt at documenting a place on earth that doesn’t need wifi or technology to make you feel connected.

All you need to do is to get a little lost.